Die Herausforderung für Graubünden – die Pressestimmen

CNN (Link)

Der Nachrichtensender CNN bemerkte, dass das WEF in Davos bei US-Präsidenten sonst nie hoch im Kurs stand, nur Bill Clinton war bisher vor Ort dabei. 

«American administrations regularly send representatives to Davos, but presidents often decline to attend. Ronald Reagan spoke to the forum via satellite as president, but Bill Clinton was the first to attend the summit in person who he traveled to Switzerland in 2000. Presidents George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush and Barack Obama never attended the meeting. Vice Presidents Dick Cheney and Joe Biden both attended the forum during their tenures. Bill Clinton delivered an impassioned speech in favor of open trade during his appearance. «Turing away from trade would keep part of our global community forever on the bottom,» he said. «That is not the right response.» This year’s event will put Trump in the same room as many of the International elites he attacked during his 2016 campaign.»