Kurz vor dem Wochenende gibt es ab sofort auf GRHeute ein paar Gedichte, Geschichten und Sonstiges von unserem Musikredaktor Chris Bluemoon. Stöbern, lesen, kopieren oder einfach auch nur geniessen. Heute das Stück: «Out of my dreams» aus dem Jahre 2012.


I woke up and I felt so dead.
A few dreams are still turing in my head.
I thought I’m over it
All day I can’t hide it.
Your smile makes me cry.
My world stucks for a while.
My mind is a whole mess.
All I get is depressed.

You bring back this longing.
Like it’s only the begining.
All I got is this 2 letter word.
All I wake up with is this hurt.
I’m afraid of falling asleep.
Because you push me into deep.
All day long I hope and believe,
But at night you haunt me like a thief.

What the hell have I done?
I remember her in every song.
She lets me stand in the rain.
which can’t even wash away the pain.
So many days have past,
sorrow is all that lasts.
I walk along this empty street.
And I feel completly uncomplete.

Get out of my dreams and leave me today.
Go wherever you want. I miss you anyway.
We can’t go on like this anymore.
While I got a crush on you like never before.