Kurz vor dem Wochenende gibt es nun auf GRHeute ein paar Gedichte, Geschichten und Sonstiges von unserem Musikredaktor Chris Bluemoon. Stöbern, lesen, kopieren oder einfach auch nur geniessen. Heute das Stück: «Karma» aus dem Jahre 2013.

Do you remember my name?
Do you now feel sane?
It wasn’t right to cross your way.
You make me sick day by day.
You waste my time, blow my last money.
Talkin› shit about me, don’t feel sorry.
I still remember, when you were cool.
But now you only act like a fucked up fool.

I believe in karma. What goes ‹round, comes back.
I know it hits you first, hard like a heartattack.
I don’t have to make my hands dirty. Don’t listen to you anymore.
I believe in karma and it will fuck you up like a whore.

Do you know who I am?
I’m not the one, who will give you pain.
I wish you sleepless nights.
Nothing but endless fights.
You’re the one who made the wrong decisions.
But all comes back and destroys your visions.
I still remember, when you were cool.
But now you treat everyone like a fool.